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When many trades disappear and particular skills become vulnerable, the ability to reinvent oneself professionally turns into a necessity: it is essential to rely and build on one’s soft skills to ensure durable success and recognition.



To habilitate ecosystems, boost their resilience and transform them.
  • Performance through good practices and behaviors
  • Autonomy and soft skills development
  • Resources used to benefit everyone through “soft KPIs”, the KPIs of non-cost performance.
Skill map
Mapping the behavioral and technical skills generated by your activity; tracking and prospective management of individual as well as collective competence.
Skill box
Soft skills and best practices development system integrated to the activity flow (Small Private Online Course).
Skill hub
A multimedia portal drawing content from activity on the platform allows to visualize, share and capitalize on knowledge and know-how, bons comportements/bonnes practices.
Skill market
Organization design through competences: Staffing, People Review, KPIs ofskills and of skills-oriented management (Soft KPIs).SKILLMILL
  • Develop soft skills through experience
  • Ensure consistency in a student’s path
  • Enhance candidate visibility towards recruiters and hiring managers
Skill map
Soft skills mapping reflecting the learner’s experience; 360 evaluation; certification
Skill box
Soft skills acquisition and development system (new form of Small Private Online Course, either open or proprietary)
Skill hub
Learner storytelling; shared knowledge bank (Commons); promotion of teachers and of the institution
Skill market
Recruitment of the learners based on the work produced and on their soft skills.
  • Develop Health & Wellness abilities
  • Discover and Adopt the right practices for yourself
  • Build up social support for your transformation
Skill map
Mapping Health & Wellness personal skills three different ways: perceived skill map, actual skill map, target skill map.SKILL BOX
Skill box
Individually tailored recommendations to move from present skill map to target skill map. Virtual coaching through SPOC (Small Private Online Course).
Skill hub
Social network where users can highlight their Care path and sharediscoveries, good practices and new habits. Cooperative knowledge bank (Commons).
Skill market
Intermediation tool and meeting place to connect with professionals, experts, coaches, suppliers, mentors and action partners.



Adaptation, Autonomy, Attractiveness: in this, our digital, media-heavy, global society, we all are subject to the rule of these three “A”s.
Ingies was born in 2017 from the desire to give individuals, organizations and territories the right tools to meet this very challenge.


Trust us

Kedge implemented and uses SkillMill, Dassault is exploring possibilities with us, and Société Générale kindly welcomed us in their Open Innovationspace.

SkillMill is certified by the Pôle Finance Innovation.